Figther 130: the palm sized race drone running open source

Lightweight brushless palm sized drone running opensource betaflight

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STorM32: Open Source 3D Gimbal

STorM32: Open Source 3D Gimbal, affordable aerial cinematographer’s tool takes you places you never dreamt of for a fraction of the price of proprietary products.

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Bayangtoys X16: Inexpensive, durable, hackable GPS drone.

Inexpensive, durable, hackable GPS drone with autonomous return to home and auto-land feature

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Best Quadcopters with open source firmware.

A compilation of those few drones to which you can install a firmware based on open source. Whether you’re new to quadcopters and looking for something you can put an alternative firmware to play around with or an aspiring drone programmer looking for a developer platform, cheap quadcopters are a great way to start familiarizing with open source in aerial vehicles.

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Eachine E010: MicroFPV setup under $90

I take a $15 toy quadcopter and transform it into a Tiny Whoop “like” FPV setup but way cheaper using 3d print open source added enhancements.

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Micro Scisky: The 32bits Open Source Brushed Flight Controller

Microsciky 32 board lightweight built-in brushed ESC, DSM2 and open-source Cleanflight support.

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