Crazepony, ready to fly drone development kit for education and entertainment.


Crazepony MINI is an ultra-compact quadcopter kit that fits the size of your palm. It is remote controllable by smart phone or tablet through bluetooth or with included remote. It’s also fully open sourced ready to fly quadcopter for flying,development,teaching or experimentation. Although there are other drones in which you can run open source, what set Crazepony apart from any other drone is that all components from the source code to the PCB designs are open source.

The technical specifications of this flying machine are:

  • Powerful 32 bit MCU STM32F103T8U6 72MHz 64Kbs flash.
  • 3-axis MEMs gyros with 3-axis accelerometer: Invensense MPU-6050
  • High precision altimeter MS5611-01BA03
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection with smart phone
  • On-board low energy 2.4G chip nRF24L01+
  • 650mAh Li-Po battery up to 6 minutes flight time
  • Around 46g and about 142mm motor to motor

With those specs no wonder it fly really nice:

Really impressive if you consider Crazepony is available online at a price below 80 USD.

Crazepony is hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.