Hack your H8 Mini Toy drone: Better, Stronger, Faster.

Update 2017: Looking for H8 upgrades or replacement parts, go directly to  Upgrade section.

You may remember the H8 Eachine mini drone, a small quadcopter toy with a surprise: you can install on an alternative firmware based on open source code. We explain previosly in our step by step guide.  Buy a ST-link V2 programming dongle and a Eachine H8 quadcopter  you get the best bang for your acro buck going.  Less than $20 for a small aerial platform for aerobatics and flight software development.


But enthusiasts around the world continue hacking and modifying this toy. An example is pedro147 of Micro Motor Comunity that after few days flying the stock quad with the Acro firmware saw that people were rebuilding it by putting them on larger 100mm X style frames and upgrading to more powerful motors.

Pedro put H8C flight controller board on a PQ frame with spare Hubsan X4 style motors. Apparently you can also even run 8.5mm motors on them as well but these may be prone to an Flight Controller reset, you may need to add a SMD 100uF cap as reported by silverxxx on rcgroups forum.

So now you have a powerful mini drone what are you doing next? jks. from rcgroups forum is using a h8 mini as an fpv platform with the upgraded h8, fpv camera, fpv video tx, stock tx and installed the dual firmware. 


H8 Upgrade & original spare parts.


Upgrade Eachine H8 Mini H8 3D Battery 3.7V 260mAh

The battery is a little bigger than the original 150mAh, but that is understandable, since this one is 260 mAh. It squeezes a little tightly in the battery compartment, but that does not cause any problems! Adds around 2 minutes to your flying time!


H8 Mini original part spare propeller These fit perfectly and work flawlessly not much else to say about a product that delivers on its promise.