Eachine Racer 250: The open source FPV racing drone.

First Person View has been a thing in the RC world for a while. In the last couple of years though, quadcopters have taken things to a whole new level, and the inevitable racing has begun to happen with these incredibly quick and agile little machines.

Usually when you pilot a drone you simply use line of sight or a video feed from an on-board camera displayed on your smartphone or tablet. In FPV racing, however, a video feed from the drone is transmitted to a pair of goggles that you strap to your face.  Once you’re wearing the goggles, you grope around for your RC handset, flip the power switch… and then the fun begins.

Until recently flying racing drones supposed build your own quadcopter from individual components (power motors, small frame, custom flight Controller and ESC, 5.8 video TX, etc) so the barrier to entry were high. Then first Ready To Fly race drone appeared the Eachine 250 Racer .


The Eachine Racer 250 has everything you could need and is ready to fly, even a switchable OSD so you can keep an eye on the stats of your battery, runtime and a few other readings. But there is more, his flight controller operates on the OpenPilot platform.

OpenPilot is a next-generation Open Source UAV autopilot created by the OpenPilot Community. OpenPilot is not a commercial venture but an Open Source project. It is a highly capable platform for multirotors, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and other vehicles . It has been designed from the ground up by a community of passionate developers from around the globe, with its core design principles being quality, safety, and ease of use.  Simplicity does not come with any compromises either: with no hard-coded settings, a complete flight plan scripting language and other powerful features, OpenPilot is an extremely capable UAV autopilot platform.


People at wikirotor assembled a page with all the necessary knowledge to operate the Eachine 250 drone. Besides this Eachine owners actively participate in forums like rcgroups so community support is guaranteed.

You could buy ready to fly Eachine 250 from Amazon or Banggood. Replacement parts are cheap and readily available.