Review & Teardown: CX-10W the world smallest FPV drone.

Update 2017: Looking for CX-10W upgrades or replacement parts, go directly to CX-10 hacks section.

The Cheerson CX-10 is one of the best known micro drones, possibly the smallest in the drone market. It is also notable for its low price and have an alternative opensource firmware already discussed in this blog.


The new  Cheerson CX-10W $32 USD drone incorporates a 720p camera of moderate quality  with the possibility of FPV, that is, from our phone you can see what the camera captures in real time. You can also record the video feed directly in your smartphone.

The Cheerson CX-10W creates a WiFi hotspot of its own that you can connect to using your smartphone. Your phone can now be used as an FPV monitor as well as a controller. No RC control is provided, we will have to control it with our smartphone and the Cheerson App for Android or iOS.

It’s is somewhat difficult to control with a touchscreen virtual sticks and see the video feed at same time. But you could bind it with a compatible controller like those from CX-10C or the Drone D1 (a $16 USD drone even smaller than CX-10). Using a dedicated controller let you see smartphone screen and has a much better response just grab “WiFi FPV” app off the Goggle Play store and you can use it to control quad / view video as well as just view video while you use your physical TX.

Left to right: CX-10W Wifi, Drone D1 with Controller, Classic CX-10A

This mini drone is very stable when flying, 6-axis system provides very smoth flight, and if you like doing tricks with your drone, the automatic looping function is provided. This function allows you to make your drone loop just by one button. The android or iOS app has three types of flight which can be changed: slow, fast, pro. You can see how well you fly in this video review from RCview Youtube channel.

The maximum distance that can reach Cx-10w without losing connection to the Smartphone is approximately 20 to 30 meters. This small drone  has built in small battery that brings 150mAh and 3.7 v. These batteries offer 4 minutes flight time and require a charging time of about 30 minutes.

You can buy CX10W at $32 USD at Banggood, Amazon, Geekbuying, etc.

CX-10W hacks & upgrades

Wide-angle lens replacement: I bought this for my CX-10W and it worked great installed in the original drone housing without a problem and the FOV is much better. I should be able to actually FPV with it now.  Wide Angle Lens M7 1.8mm For CX-10W $3.99