3D Printing an Opensource SW/HW 105 FPV quadcopter

Quadcopters, FPV, open source and 3D printing.  How much do these exciting technologies have in common? More than you might think. While it’s not yet possible to fabricate components like motors, sensors and electronics  it’s entirely possible to 3D print parts like the frame, landing gear, and even propellers.


Punkkills has recently published his design for a truly impressive 105 brushed FPV quadcopter. Punkkills frame was inspired by the FireFlo V2 and the Alpine Drones Micro H. Goals were to keep it crash resistant and light weight. Frame measures ~105mm,  weighs ~8g when printed in PLA, a full build  weighs ~38g without the battery. It is designed around 8.5mm motors and the Micro Scisky, a Naze32 type flight controller. A really small camera and FPV TX module provide the first person flight experience.

FPV 105 Setup:


Punkkills recommended PID settings for  Betaflight 2.4.1 will get you about 4 minutes of flight at insane speeds.

set motor_pwm_rate = 32000
set max_throttle = 2000

Pids are:
set pid_controller = MWREWRITE
set p_pitch = 51
set i_pitch = 37
set d_pitch = 48
set p_roll = 39
set i_roll = 43
set d_roll = 35
set p_yaw = 100
set i_yaw = 50
set d_yaw = 0