Micro Scisky: The 32bits Open Source Brushed Flight Controller

If you’re looking to upgrade the flight controller in your existing toy, or looking to build your own FPV quad with micro brushed motors, the Microsciky 32 board is probably your best option. Really convenient FC, lightweight, powerful built-in bushed ESC’s, DSM2 and open-source Cleanflight support. Takes a little while to setup correctly, but them flies great.

Micro Sci Sky 32 bit ARM Flight Controller

Brushed Motor have only two wire control , are low cost , simple and inexpensive control electronics. Most all of the small toy-grade quadcopters are brush as brushless are usually much larger and heavier so not available on micro and nano sized machines.
Micro drones are also safer because of their small size and low weight is very difficult that you could hurt yourself or others.


Toy grade quadcopter often have closed controller with very limited performance designed for kids and novice pilots. Would not it be great to have the advantages of  brushed motors in a real fast race drone? With Micro Scisky you could run open source Cleanflight (same as pro race drones) in a small but really capable quadcopter. Brushed quadcopters are fun to fly indoors with lightweight setups. Acrobatic indoor LOS flyers often use 6mm and 7mm brushed motors. The larger 8.5mm brushed motors are well suited for carrying FPV gear.


Micro Scisky is a small Naze32 with all the electronics to run bushed motors and ready to run Open Source Cleanflight / Baseflight / Betaflight. Sporting a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor board and has a micro USB connection, UART/I2C Bus, DSM2/DSMX compatible RX, integrated ESC and 5v DCDC voltage booster circuit to power external devices like FPV gear, GPS receiver o Bluetooth boards.  Here my last micro size quadcopter build, a very lightweight acrobatic LOS with 7mm motors.


DIY 100mm Brushed Quadcopter Parts

  • Flight Controller: MicroScisky (~ $30). Already came with open source firmware Cleanflight. Built in DSM2 receiver will work nice with Devo TX with Deviation.
  • Frame: Eachine E100 100mm Carbon Fiber DIY ($7). Really nice frame, can mount 8.5 mm motors or 7mm motors (with provided gromets). Mounted upside, downside or without the top deck.
  • Motors: Chaoli 7mm motors with 1.25mm Plugs.
  • Battery: H8 Mini upgrade batteries ($3) work pretty good.
  • Charger: Charger For Eachine H8 or mini Hubsan X4 or Syma X5. About $7 if you dont already have one of those quadcopters.
  • Props: Hubsan props ($5).
  • Misc Hardware: JST SH Connector to power FC and FPV gear. .

How to set up a Micro SCISKY FC and get it in the air:

Overall an afternoon worth of tinkering to get the Microsciscky flying. This works great! Much more power than expected using the cheap motors and props. Just add small video TX to turn into a nice indoor/outdoor FPV flyer.