Eachine E010: MicroFPV setup under $90

Eachine E010 is a $15 toy “Inductrix-clone”  perfect for indoors and it’s really durable with the frame ducted fan design. Too windy to fly outside? Raining? Too hot? Too cold? Or too lazy to go to the park to fly the big boys then the E010 is perfect for you.

In its original configuration E010 it is nice toy  but with small modifications can make it a cheap FPV system and in to time can be flying first person inside your living room. Better yet, all for a fraction of the value of a typical FPV micro-drone setup. Similar Inductrix Blade with FPV will cost you around $150-$250.

E010 indoor by christophertelford 

Eachine E010 FPV Setup under $90:


Eachine 010 come in 2 different colours, green and red. The structure feels very solid. Looks almost identical to the Inductrix apart from colour. The transmitter takes 2xAA batteries, and it’s just as tiny as the quadcopter.

Original &  FPV setup 

With the original TX it actually flies pretty well line of sight. It’s very stable and very easy to fly around the house. Turning the Eachine E010 into a Cheap Tiny Whoop i added FX797 / FX798 VTX camera easily with a 3d printed mount with only 3 screws. The stock transmitter that comes with the Eachine E010 is somewhat hard to control. Some aftermarket or 3d printed stick extension hugely improve control and comfort.

TX with extended sticks & FPV Watch

As video RX i use an equally small receiver “watch”. It is amazing image quality for something you can wear on your wrist. You can use as is but another option is 3d print monocular enclosure Poor Girl’s Monocular Display by sexycyborg. Monocular is really useful for flying fpv while still having direct line of sight to your aircraft .