Figther 130: the palm sized race drone running open source

Just one year ago it was only possible to fly really small drones with brushed motors  although having less performance it was the only technology of size small enough for palm sized drones or toy drones. One example is our Micro Scicky setup that we built a few years ago.

Furious Flight Fighter 130

But now the brushed designs have been completely outclassed by the new breed of micro brushless quads. The Furious flight  Fighter 130 is one of the best examples of lightweight brushless design. In general, brushless motors are so much superior that you shouldn’t even consider brushed motors in a quad nowday unless you are after a sub $20 toy drone price point.

Brushed motors are around 70% efficient, brushless are around 90% efficient. This has two effects: obviously, you get more flight time from your battery with a more efficient motor, but that’s not the main effect.   Any hobbyist could build a brushed drone in their sleep with a brushed controller, but it takes a lot of dedication to design a small brushless drone. Typically, this complexity is abstracted away from the end user in a prepackaged Almost Ready To Flight drone like the Fighter 130.

The Figther 130 featured in this review is really small with a diagonal size of just 130mm. In fact, the Figther 130 is so small, it can actually fit in the palm of your hand. From factory its open source BetaFlight 3.1 on a powerful OMNIBUSF3 (STM32F303 ARM® Cortex®-M4 32-bit CPU with FPU)

Main Features:
● Furious flight – 30C LiPo battery, 1106 7500KV motor, 76mm two-blade propeller
● Minicube F3 6DOF FC with OSD, compatible with CleanFlight and BetaFlight firmware
● Remote PID adjustment and configuration of OSD via BetaFlight ground station
● 4 in 1 BLHeli S 10A ESC running DShot



Fighter 130 rear view

Betaflight the brainchild of legendary pilot Boris B. Betaflight is open source flight control software developed by BorisB as an alternative to CleanFlight. Imagine cleanflight, but smoother, easier to tune and flying like a dream .

My Fighter 130 is configured as ligthweight drone:

This kit is designed to work with the standard Devo7e with Deviation Firmware and DSMX protocol, however if your devo is modified with a 4-1 transmitter, you may be interested in using a FrSky R-XSR  (1.5g) receiver instead.

Keep in mind that despite its small size this is a drone for experienced pilots and requires so assembly and configuration. If it’s your first racing drone, maybe you’re more interested in taking a look at something like a 250 Racer RTF drone.

I’ve had the Figther 130 for a week and it’s immediately become my favorite indoor quad. The OSD is fantastic, and is a ton of fun to fly around the house.

A very nice OSD is built-in

Pros:Huge punch out, great throttle response unlike other micro quads.  Cleanflight/Betaflight open source support. Great small flier! Highly maneuverable and acrobatic but capable of close quarters indoor flying.
One LiPo battery is included.

Cons: ARF, you need to add your own micro sized receiver. I wish they had used an XT30 plug instead of the JST that we keep seeing on many of these micros,

Otherwise this one seems well put together, this rame might be small but the quad is pretty light so surely it holds up.