Eachine Wizard TS215 High-End Open Source Based FPV Racer

Eachine Wizard TS215 a drone to compete with professional racing setups, a Ready To Fly quadcopter with the powerful 2306/2450KV motors and compatible with 6S batteries, very competitive if we compare them with the famous T-Engine F40 Pro II 2306 2400KV that only support 4S batteries. The engines of the new Wizard TS215 are powered by 4x individual ESC of 40 Amps , leaving aside the 4-in-1 system with which the Wizard X220S came, this way it is much easier and replace an ESC. These ESC support up to Dshot1200, 6S batteries and have current sensor according to the data sheet.


The Flight Controller is a powerfull Customized Omnibus F4 ( CPU: f4STM32 F405 SCM ) running open source Betaflight from factory. This quadcopter available PNP or BNF (Frsky only 16D XM+ receiver).

This quadcopter includes an onboard DVR. It is a DVR 720p that records the analog signal of the camera, so it has a lower quality than systems designed on purpose as RunCam Split 1080p. The TS215 DVR introduces extra latency onto the FPV video feed. Although no unusable, you will notice the issue if doing proximity flying, or extreme racing. It might be best if it was removed.

A significant change to the older Wizards has to do with the FPV system, where both the camera and the VTX or video transmission system are improved. in the first Wizard x220 we had 700TVL, then in the Wizard x220S 800TVL and in the new Wizard TS215 we went to a CCD camera of 1200TVL. As for the Vtx Eachine team decide to put a system with Smart audio which allows us to change the frequencies, bands and powers, from our remote control using the OSD. Wizard TS215 we have already 4 power configuration options, 25mW, 200mW, 500mW and 800mW.
Interesting location for VTX antenna. I agree that it is not so easy to tear it out from here because first impact will come against props/arms. But in some flight positions the quadcopter frame/controller  will possibly shield the signal, it is advisable to install a higher antenna to have a better range.



TS215 have hopefully it’s clearly inspired and the same dimensions as the Hyperlite Floss v1 so you can use it’s accessories open source 3d printed parts.


Why should you get it?
Eachine usually gets so close to building an impressive ready to fly quadcopter and some parts of this quadcopter give you a lot of bang for the buck, you get BLheli_32 ESC, very powerful motors and the excellent Omnibus F4 based FC coupled with a smart audio VTX. This is all mounted on a solid frame. The biggest drawback is the DVR. . However, if you disconnect it (fairly easy to do without any soldering) the Wizard TS215 is so much better. Compared to quadcopters that use the same spec hardware the wizard TS215 is competitively priced at $199 even though you are paying for a DVR you will not use.

TS215 is a nice option for someone looking for a seriously fast FPV ready to fly racer that does not break the bank.

However, keep in mind that it is a highly powerful drone, if it is your first racer you may be interested in something easier to fly and repair like the older and cheaper but totally valid Eachine Racer 250.

Key Specifications (TS215 Wizard Quadcopter $199 at Banggood)
215mm 3k carbon fiber frame with 4mm arms
40A BLheli_32 ESC
TS2306 2450KV motors with Dal Cyclone T5046C 3 blade propellers
Runs on 4-6S Lipo
Custom Omnibus F4 Flight controller (MPU6000 & Baro with OSD)
72CH VTX 25mW-800mW with smart audio support
1200TVL CCD FPV camera
Built in 720p DVR
329g excluding battery


Great cam
Nice stock tuning
Powerful motors and individual esc setup
F4 flight controller
800 mw VTX
Switchable VTX with Smartaudio

Nice 8x clear/blue Cyclone T5046C 3 blade propellers included.

poor DVR quality & DVR latency ( DVR Removal is recommended )
antenna position ( just install a longer Pagoda style antenna for better range)
PDB/FC in one board (only bad if you are a beginner and destroy it)