Eachine QX65: Betaflight powered Inductrix clone

Eachine QX65 is a $56 micro-FPV quadcopter “Inductrix-clone”  perfect for indoors and it’s really durable with the frame ducted fan design. Too windy to fly outside? Raining? Too hot? Too cold? Or too lazy to go to the park to fly the big boys then the QX65 is perfect for you.


Eachine, a company known for its budget RTF miniquads, recently came out with a microquad called the QX65 that really pushes the frontiers of FPV-toy quadcopter technology. The QX65 is clearly an attempt to try to capture some of the enthusiasm behind the “tiny whoop” movement where many pilots are strapping a tiny camera/VTX combo on the top of a Blade Inductrix microquad. The beauty of this aircraft is that you can fly FPV indoors near other people without much risk.

The problem thus far is that it is expensive: an Inductrix with the FX798 camera/VTX and the necessary upgraded motors and batteries can cost up to $200 and requires some fine soldering skills to assemble.

The QX65 is a ready-to-fly microquad that comes packaged with a built-in camera/VTX combo and an DSM or FrSky receiver. It brings all of this to the table for under $60.

What’s more, the flight controller it uses is an extremely small brushed variant of the popular F3 board running Betaflight, including OSD support.  I’ll state that a different way – this thing is rocking a full-fledged F3 board capable of running all of the popular racing miniquad open source firmwares!


Eachine QX65 FPV Setup under $129:

This kit is designed to work with the Devo7e with Deviation Firmware for DSMX support.

With the original PIDs it actually flies pretty well line of sight or FPV. It’s very stable and very easy



I’ve been having a total blast with my QX65 over the past week. It really does a great job of capturing the Tiny Whoop experience for a much more digestible price. Not only that, it comes from the factory with a “big boy” flight controller you can plug into your computer to fully customize – and it works with your Devo7e out of the box.

I will be now be recommending the QX65 as any new pilots first FPV quadcopter rather than a cheap miniquad kit. It’s a fantastic way to experience LOS flight and FPV without spending too much money, and is a great learning aid at that.


  • Configurable Betalflight flight controller in a microquad.
  • Built-in FrSky/DSMX/Flysky receiver.
  • Spare parts included.
  • Fantastic price.


  • Only a cheap Lipo HiV battery charger is provided.
  • The position of the USB port is annoying for the calibration process.