Helifar Fuuton 2 – A worthy RTF racing quadcopter

Take some of the best components on the market, put them together , and what do you have? One of the best new quads of 2018. The Helifar Fuuton 2 may be one of the best deals of 2018. It’s a Holybro Kopis clone but $100 less and with a number of upgraded high quality parts: Holybro Kakute F4 V2 Flight Controller, Holybro Atlatl VTX, RunCam Swift Micro camera, and FrSky receiver.


Thanks to its F4 we can enjoy the latest features of Betaflight. Betaflight is the open source software that is lately adding important improvements that due to flight controller limitations can only be fully exploited in F4 based quadcopters. If you use still  on F3 flight controller you are losing a lot of the betaflight experience.


Manufacturers of cheap racing drones have always had the same problem, they fly well, but some low-quality component breaks the experience altogether or forces homemade upgrades. Never again with the Helifar Fuuton 2 which is perfect since you take it out of the box.: The telemetry was hooked up properly, VTX control worked, FrSky Telemetry worked, everything was great. And it even flies wonderfully.

– Stretch-X 3K carbon fiber frame with 4mm arm thickness chassis increases impact resistance and flight efficiency.
– Holybro kakute F4 V2 flight controller with ICM20689 ( SPI ) IMU, BetaFlight OSD, supports up to 120A continuous current.
– helifar 2305 2400KV motor controlled accurately by the latest BLHeli – 32 30A ESC supports DShot1200.
– RunCam micro swift camera, 1 / 3 inch 2.3mm lens, 145 degree FOV.
– Holybro atlatl 5.8G 40CH 25mW, 100mW, 200mW, 400mW, 600mW video transmitter supports remotely changing the channel / power.



The Bind and Fly version (You will need to supply and install your own receiver and pair up with your own radio. ), which is what I got, comes with XSR receiver, where most would have expected the XM+ probably, as it’s lighter and cheaper, while having great range. The XSR does have telemetry though, and for instance will let your Taranis give a warning when it’s starting to get close to it’s maximum range.

The setup, connect to my Devo7e upgraded with 4-1 module for Frysky Taranis compatiblity, review the configuration parameters and ready to fly! The drone is very fast and the tune they set is amazing. Great fun from first flight.


– HolyBro Kakute F4 Flight Controller ( BetaFlight OSD , Buzzer, …)
– Runcam Micro
– Atlatl switchable power VTX
– Comes with 4 extra props
– Flies really well with stock settings


– VTX antenna placement and 3d printed camera support

DSC01627.JPGI’ve reviewed a few F4 racing quadcopters this year, but the Helifar FUUTON 2 is on a whole different level.  While  the helifar $200 price is also a bit above the average cheap RTF FPV quad, which usually stays between $100 and $150.  But hey it has nice performance and handling, with really high quality components.  I’m not really sure how you can even get better than this for this price.