Bayangtoys X22: GPS and a 3D Gimbal for under $250

After the real popular Bayangtoy X16, the first cheap brushless GPS “DJI phantom like” machine. Bayangtoys introduces it’s so long waited successor, the X-22 still a GPS drone now including a 3-axis brushless gimbal, a 1080P camera, and is WiFI capable for Android/iOS APP control.  As new features, the X-22 also introduces the new  functions thank to a dual GPS system, one installed in the quadcopter, the other one on the radio TX. Autonomous modes are: Return to home, Position / Altitude Hold, Follow Me and Point of Interest. Modes much like those on DJI Mavic or DJI Phantom 4.


The X22 quad-copter is pretty neat with its specs and features, it will surely entice those who are looking to switch to intermediate/professional drone without spending too much.

With its gimbal and camera, the drone can take 1080P HD videos and transmit it to your smartphone up to 320-430 meters. Maximum resolution of the video is up to 1920 x 1080P with recording format of MP4. But keep in mind that at this price you can not expect the quality of a GoPro camera or similar that costs the tripe that only this drone.

The drone has 3200mah mAh LiPO battery with 16 minutes of flight time and charging time of about 2 hours. The flight time without the  3-axis Gimbal can be up to 20 minutes.


As soon as you open the packaging, you will find the transportation casing especially designed for the X-22. All elements are perfectly protected inside.

First step is to install landing gear and gimbal–camera combo. Landing gear use little screws so to remove it is a little bit annoying. It is not a problem if you leave the landing gear installed.

The general design represents a simple evolution of the X-16 but with a black color (white only on X16). On first contact with the X-22, you will notice the hard plastic used to build it, capable of moderate crash. All the canopy, landing gears and props use this type of plastic.

This drone and its accessories are for sale in the usual online sites, such as gearbest.


Package Included:
1 x BAYANGTOYS X22 RC Quadcopter
1 x Remote Control
1 x 11.1V 3200mah upgraded Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Mobile Phone Holder

As the X16 is not a drone based on open source software, but there is a lot of modifications and support from the community.

A great improvement is the controller, now we can see all the information such as TX  and drone voltages, available GPS satellites, speed, height, flight mode, etc… on this small LCD screen. Therefore although we can use a cell phone it is not essential to fly. But beware that the phone app is still necessary to make adjustments to the camera and gimbal.


The camera and gimbal are removable, using the same type of coupling of the X16. We also have two expansion ports, one for classic X16 devices and the other for handling our gimbal. So we have full backward compatibility.

I’ve had the X22  over the weekend and it’s immediately become a worthy Bayangoys X16 upgrade, so here is my review.


  • Highly recommend! Good price for a ready to fly FPV Quad.
  • GPS, speed and battery information on transmitter display.
  • Same great good build quality of X16.
  • X16 add-on compatible.
  • Upgraded battery.
  • Fly great out of the box.
  • Just like the X16 is the perfect cheap platform for tinkering.


  • 3D gimbal is cheap, will not hold a GoPro, only light cameras like Mobius.
  • Camera is low quality compared to more expensive drones. But enough for beginners.
  • Only cheap accessories are provided: screwdriver, cheap prop tool.
  • Buttons on the controller like follow me/orbit me are unused and you have to use the app for these

However at this price it is difficult to find something better. If you want to know how to get more out of your Bayangtoys do not forget to look at my previous article on hacking/upgrading  the X16 since it is basically the same platform but with a better transmitter.


So in perspective if you are looking for a X16  that looks sharp and as WiFI FPV then  might just be the drone for you.