Hubsan Zino. An affordable DJI Mavic Air Killer or Not?

Hubsan is not a new player in the drone maker, for many years we were surprised with a series of Quadcopters with FPV system.


Now that the market for folding video drones is in full swing, the Hubsan Zino 4K 117S comes to position itself among the best alternative to DJI Mavic series, due to its very advanced features and its really reasonable price.

It has a gimbal mounted camera with 3 axis, with a really good stabilization, and it’s simple to control with a mobile Device controller combination much like any of the DJI Mavic 1, 2 and Air.

There are things that it doesn’t have, such as obstacle avoiding sensors (which on the other hand sometimes create a false sense of security) but with what it does have is an interface for its control by means of a really interesting and complete smartphone.

In fact, the “App” or application that we have to download on our mobile phone is clearly inspired by the DJI, and even has a section where we can see the flight logs in detail to know, on a map, the route of our flight, voltages and other parameters at all times, and so on.

The Hubsan Zino 4K in stock and shipping to customers at Gearbest online stores at only $364 , even cheaper than the DJI Spark.

Zino comes with everything necessary to fly, and even brings some extras that do not usually include other manufacturers.

1 x Battery (HiV Li-Po)
1 x Transmitter
3 x USB charging cable
4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
1 x Power unit
1 x Charger (15V, 1A)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Instruction manual (English)

2019-03-25 23_04_43-DSC02350.JPG

The new Zino Hubsan can record video in 4K format (at 30fps) but also in 2K or FullHD, where it can reach up to 60fps for videos with more movement and action. At this price it almost is impossible to find a cheaper 3-axis video stabilized drone with 4K capability, just for that the Zino it’s worth its low price.

Being equipped with GPS and a very advanced flight controller, it is of course able to return home in case of signal loss, or at the order of the pilot with the corresponding button of the station. So, you do not have to worry about losing it if signal is lost.


It also has automatic flight modes, such as turns around a center of attention, tracking of moving subjects, routes by waypoints. Although it does not have all the functions of DJI, you have all the important ones like automatic level flight in a straight line, orbital flight and some quickshot modes.

However, not everything is perfect, if you look review on the internet you will see a mix of very enthusiastic people and displeased people. It is true that this drone at first had problems, but have been solved with firmware updates. For this reason, it is very important before flying for the first time to take the time to update the firmware. Even better, Hubsan is continuously improving the drone firmware, unlike other manufacturers who abandon the product and their customers.

2019-03-25 23_04_18-DSC02338.JPG
DJI Spark vs Hubsan Zino


  • Highly recommend! Good price for a ready to fly 4K Video/ 3axis gimbal drone.
  • Good build quality of Hubsan.
  • A lot of DJI-like features that make you think you’re flying a Mavic at a third of the price.
  • Complete availability of spare parts and batteries by Hubsan.


  • The product has been launched a bit early and therefore we must wait for updates to get the full potential.
  • No obstacle avoidance capability.

However at this price it is difficult to find something better.